Without the correct quantity – no quality

Technical cleanliness is an important quality variable which even has an effect on production costs. This is because for the high performance capability and long lifetime of automotive precision parts – and therefore for the vehicle as a whole – the avoidance, or at least the reduction of technical contamination is of essential importance.

Gläser has an accredited internal laboratory in which the technical cleanliness of very different parts and their components are determined using the most modern analysis methods. This takes place so reliably in accordance with the VDA 19 and ISO 16232 specifications, that everything which Gläser classifies as clean can be integrated without reservations into automobiles.

Here we orientate ourselves on the respective specific value, which should not be exceeded. The processes are validated using extraction curves. At the end of each inspection, our customers receive a detailed test report including gravimetry, in which all particel from a size of 5 µ are documented in writing and in images.

The processes can then be optimised and secured in cooperation with our clients' respective specialist divisions. Naturally, we will also inspect your components according to all standard specifications. Amongst other things, for example, we work in accordance with the following specifications:
DBL 6515
DBL 6516
VAM 328
ZF 700 815
ZF 604 701
PV 3347
PV 3370
PV 1134
MAN 3360